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October? How is it October? I feel like I blinked and September disappeared. I wasn’t going to participate in the 5 on 5 this month because I’ve been “too busy.” But I joined this blog circle as a way to hold myself accountable, so slacking after two months just didn’t sit with me well as an option. When I get bored, overwhelmed, busy, or lose my focus, it can be easy for me to stop doing something (uh, ahem, like that 365 photo project I started this year…I think I made it maybe 40 days), but I am determined to finish this 5 on 5 project year out. September brought a lot of clients, and that left not a lot of time for personal projects. We also leave for a vacation in Hawaii in four days, and the packing frenzy is in full force, and that equates to me being a little on the crazy side. I’m finding myself needing a little reprieve from life lately, and while spending 10 hours on a plane with my 5 and 7 year old, and navigating a 5 hour time change may not exactly be the reprieve I’d envisioned, I’m really looking forward to our trip. I’m craving some time with my people to just be. And so, this post will be short, sweet, and lacking in my typical substance.


Several months ago I bought a LensBaby , and I’m absolutely in love with it. Using this lens has been such a fun way to challenge my manual focusing skills, and to evolve the way I think about perspective and composition. There has definitely been a learning curve, but this lens is perfect for my documentary-minded heart, and is second only to my Sigma 35mm in my lens arsenal. img_1989





I love that I can use this lens to have my subject stand out as the center of attention. It’s a great lens to use when there is a lot of background distraction, because of the control you have in being able to really isolate your focus. The lens is pretty versatile in terms of being able to handle a wide variety of lighting situations, and it produces an array of different looks depending on how you choose to use the light. The images I get with this lens have a rawness and emotion to them, and I feel like I can easily use a single image to tell a story. I’ve been using it mostly to shoot my own kids, but now that I’m more comfortable with it, I’m excited to start incorporating it into client sessions. Has anyone else bought any fun new gear recently? Tell me about it!

Next up in the October 5 on 5, go check out the great Melissa Kayser, St. Charles, MO documentary family photographer, and be sure to click through and read all the posts in this month’s circle.

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