Birth Doula Services

Birth Doula Services

I am humbled to say that I have been serving pregnant women and their families in the Cedar Valley for seven years. I received my doula training and certification through DONA. As a doula I am not a medical provider, though I feel my 14 years as a nurse often gives me a unique perspective. As a birth doula I attend and support all types of birth- maybe you are choosing an epidural, maybe you desire an unmedicated and low intervention birth, maybe you are having a Cesarean birth, or maybe you’re just going to wing it- it does not matter, I will support you. I firmly believe that there is no “right” way to have a baby, and that what matters most is that you feel supported in your decisions. I do not come into your birth space with my own agenda or philosophy, and I will not judge the decisions you make. I am there to be part of, and work with, your entire birth team.


Why should I hire a doula?

People decide to hire doulas for many different reasons, and the “why” really depends on the individual person or couple. But generally, people hire a doula because they want an experienced professional to help guide them through pregnancy, labor, and birth. Check out this article from Evidenced Based Birth that talks more about the advantages and benefits of hiring a doula


Will my husband/partner feel left out if we hire you?

I certainly hope not! I frequently tell couples that our support people are experts in mom, and I am an expert in labor and birth, so we work together and play off of each other’s strengths. I am absolutely not there to replace your support people. In fact, I prefer to have more of a “hands off” approach during your labor, until if and when I need to step in and do more. I can demonstrate comfort techniques and strategies to your partner, and then let them take over. My goal is twofold, to facilitate connection between the two of you, and to make sure that they are meeting their own needs as they care for you.


Can you take some pictures of us with our camera?

Well, the short answer is no. I am also a professional birth photographer, and would love to talk more with you about how to incorporate both doula services and birth photography. If you are hiring me solely as a doula, my job is to spend that time supporting you. I am familiar with my own camera and equipment, and if I am busy trying to figure out how to work your camera, I’m not doing the job you are paying me to do.


Is there a limit to the amount of time you will spend with me?

No, I will be there from when you request me and stay until your baby is born. There is no extra charge if you have a “long labor”. Having said that, most women cope just fine at home with their support people during early labor, and do not need me. I can provide doula support and reassurance over the phone, and I typically join you at your birth place once you are in active labor. Once you have secured me as your doula, we can talk more about support at different stages of labor.


Do you have a backup doula?

Yes, I have several trained, experienced doulas that are available to provide back up if it is needed. In seven years as a doula, I have needed to call in my backup doula one time. You are welcome to meet the backup doulas that I utilize.