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Hey y’all, happy New Year, and welcome to the January 5 on 5 post. In case anyone new is reading, 5 on 5 is a blog circle made up of like-minded photographers, and on the 5th of each month we aim to tell a story using 5 images.

So, I’m thankful that it’s January, and that things here will settle a bit. In the crazy of the last month, I’m guilty of not really getting my camera out much, mostly because I just didn’t want to. And as it seems to go, the 5th of the month sneaks up on me every.single.time, and today I found myself scrolling through my Lightroom catalog trying to find a story to tell. And what I found is these images from the last few weeks that are all imperfect in some way. Maybe I missed focus, or the light was bad, or the composition is wrong, or whatever. Yet, being imperfect doesn’t make me love them any less. So this month, you get a glimpse into my fabulous, messy, and often weird life. Also, I have terrible cold, and I’ve spent the day drinking bone broth and tea like it’s my job, and my brain is just not coming up with the wise things to say. I will leave you with this- don’t let anyone define *your* perfect, be vulnerable as you do the things, and use the cracks to build your story- because each piece matters. img_6978





Now, please take a minute and go give Utah documentary photographer, Stephanie, some love, and click through and read the stories from all of the talented circle participants.

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