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As parents, and especially as moms, our hearts want to remember every stage that our children pass through. Many of us choose to record those stages through photographs, and schedule milestone sessions throughout the first year of life and early childhood. Often these sessions are of a more traditional portrait style. Tiny newborn toes, and toothy baby smiles, and silly expressions from the preschool crowd. But do you ever find yourself wanting more? This is the first post in a series that talks about documentary milestone sessions and why they are a great addition to traditional portrait sessions; today’s focus is newborns.



So, you’ve just had a baby, which is an event unlike any other. It’s fair to guess that you are tired. Your mind might be reeling from the enormous amount of newness and adjustment that has happened in a short amount of time. The thought of gathering and packing all.the.things required to take a new baby out of the house can be overwhelming. Maybe your baby hates car rides (my first one did), and the idea of travelling to a photo session with a screaming newborn is daunting. All of these things can be put to rest with a session that takes place in your own home. Well, except for the tired part…I can’t fix tired, but your house probably has lots of coffee.


Your home contains pieces of you and your story that can’t be replicated. Maybe there are items from your childhood that you have passed down to be enjoyed now with your own baby. Maybe someone made you a crib, or a quilt. Maybe it’s wanting to remember the nursery that you’ve carefully and lovingly put together. Our homes are crafted and filled with elements from the past, present, and future, and it just makes sense to document your happenings there. There is an authenticity that shines through when you are photographed in an environment that has meaning to you.



If you are someone that appreciates the reality of life for all of its glory and trial, a newborn documentary session is for you. Even if it’s the most natural transition in the world, seasoned parents can agree that bringing home a baby changes things. Roles and relationships change and evolve. Our hearts get tugged in a million different directions. We watch sibling bonds develop, and in the early days those range from delicate to fierce and back again. This is life, and if you want to remember it for what it was, the amazing and the difficult, joy and the monotony, the tears and the smiles, then I encourage you to find a photographer and book a documentary session. There will still be baby toes and adorableness, but they will be mingled in with everything else that defines this time and creates your story.


Do any of these reasons resonate with you? If you’ve had a documentary style newborn session, what did that experience mean to you? Have questions? I’d love to talk with you.




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