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So to keep myself accountable to shooting for me, and not just my business, I decided to join a blog circle. And what better group to join than one that shares my partiality for documenting real life? The 5 on 5 project is where each of us documentary-hearted photographers in the circle will tell a story with 5 photos on the 5th of each month. This is the first month I’m participating, so make sure to check out the link at the end of this post and enjoy all of the awesome talent in the 5 on 5 group.

This summer I have made a point of letting my kids be bored (and letting them figure their own way out of their bored state), partly because I’m kind of lazy and have a lot of things to do, but mostly because I think it’s important. Boredom doesn’t have to be bad, and I think it can be a catalyst to growth, and creativity, and magic, and to overcoming challenges. If I allow myself to intentionally rest in a state of boredom, I find that I don’t stay there for long before my mind figures out what to do next. I also feel like that is an acquired skill, and to get to that point where you are able to create your own fun, you have to settle into being bored for awhile. I want that experience for my kids. I want them to be able to find their own adventure, and to feel accomplished for doing so.

IMG_5174The flipside of allowing my kids to direct their own fun, is that I have to be a lot more open to saying “yes” when I really want to say “no”…to saying “yes” when I know what they are attempting won’t work out, or when I know it will result in a big mess, or most any other reason I would typically say “no.” Like when my 5 year old says on a rainy morning , “I want to give some of my toys a bath.” I knew it would end with water everywhere, but eh, it’s just water.

IMG_5162When I was thinking of the story I would tell for my first 5 on 5 post, I knew it would be my kids swimming in the pool. They’ve been in the pool almost daily since we set it up back in June. And because they’ve been in it so much, I’ve neglected taking any pictures of them in it, because I’m guilty of thinking “they’ll be in it tomorrow, I’ll do it then.” And then, right when I decided it was time to drag out my camera and tell my summer pool story, we had a week full of rain, and the rain caused our pool to get super cloudy, and no amount of chemical mixing and professional pool dude consulting could make the problem better. We drained the pool, moment gone, story untold, documentary photographer fail. So now what? I had to wait for another story to find me.

IMG_5175I have a confession. I have a little bit of bathtub envy. When I see pictures of kids in giant claw foot tubs surrounded by gorgeous window light, my heart sinks a bit and the comparison monster creeps in. Wait, what?! The girl that preaches authenticity, and boldness, and not caring about what your house looks like, doesn’t want to take pictures because her bathtub is boring, there are no windows, and the light is gross? Yep.

IMG_5151So when my 5 year old decided to have fun in the tub, I decided to get over myself and my ugly bathroom, and get my camera out. The pool story was no longer, but the bathtub story found me instead.

IMG_5196So in the end, I said “yes” to water everywhere, my kid found his own fun on a rainy day, and I challenged myself to shoot where I hate shooting. Also, I was reminded that he totally needs a hair cut. Oh, and we did refill the pool.

Next up in the 5 on 5 lineup is Spokane Family Photographer, Margaret Albaugh, go check her out and give her some love!

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