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I could not be more thrilled for this family.


In 2014 they invited me to join them as they welcomed their son. Getting to that place, the place of being able to say “we are having a baby”, was not an easy journey for them. It was a multi-year roller coaster of hope and heartache and everything in between, until finally, through IVF, they became parents. And then life, as it often does, graced them with an unexpected surprise.

I will never forget opening that Facebook message from Abby on New Year’s Day. They were expecting another baby, and was I available to support them and document the birth- and it was a surprise, natural pregnancy. I’m pretty sure I cried a few happy tears, and I probably made some sort of weird, happy squeal. Life ya’ll, its mysteries never fail to amaze me.

So fast forward a few months. I was driving my daughter to her piano lesson and thinking about Abby. I had decided I would call her soon to check on her. And then my phone rang, and it was Abby telling me that they had just come from a routine prenatal appointment, and that she was dilated to 4 cm and having regular contractions (and didn’t know it). She was excitedly going on, and then suddenly got sort of quiet as she remembered she was talking to me in an elevator full of people, and now, because she had announced to me that she was in labor, they were all staring at her. This is how it went with her first labor as well, she had gone to a routine prenatal appointment where she was told that she was in active labor, and she had no idea. So, given her history, her doctor figured things would continue to progress and suggested that they get something to eat, grab their bags, and come back to the hospital a few hours later to see if things were moving along.

IMG_4490IMG_4486I met them at the hospital around 2:30 in the afternoon and Abby was dilated to 7 cm. She was having contractions every 3-4 minutes, but she wasn’t uncomfortable. Abby does labor in a really cool way. In eight years, she’s the only person I’ve witnessed that can sit on a birth ball, eat popsicles, smile, laugh, and carry on conversations, all while being dilated to 8 cm and having regular contractions- like it’s no big deal. And not just for one labor, but for both of them. When I met them at the hospital the nurses even asked me “wait, why is she here?”, because she just doesn’t act like typical women do in active labor.

Abby and Steve got settled into their labor room, and Abby was looking forward to two things, an epidural and popsicles. The vibe in the room was upbeat and fun, everyone was casually chatting and hanging out. They got the paperwork and all of the other necessary “stuff” done, and then Abby got her much anticipated epidural and popsicles. And then it was time to simply wait while listening to the Amy Winehouse station on Pandora.

A couple of hours passed and Steve and I decided that we were hungry, and Abby decided that she really wanted a sandwich after delivery. Steve ordered sandwiches from Jimmy John’s, and right when they arrived, the nurse announced it was time to start pushing. The doctor wanted Abby to hold off on pushing for about 30 minutes, but her baby had other plans. About 15 minutes later, after basically one long push, their sweet baby was here.

IMG_4600IMG_4583IMG_4586IMG_4632As I stood there witnessing all of the post birth moments, I noticed over and over the sweet way Steve was watching his ladies. Everleigh wanted to nurse soon after birth, so Abby easily got her latched on and then enjoyed her sandwich with her other hand. The ease and the flow, those are two of the things I love to watch at births where the parents have already done this birth thing one or more times. I left the room for a bit to let them bond, and when I came back the room was all smiles, and so I hugged them goodbye and left.

Everleigh, I have no doubt that you will be loved with an endless love. Also, please let your mom drink her coffee in the morning while it’s hot, it’s important for everyone.

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